Utilise every customer opt-in touchpoint to boost SMS subscriber list

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November 30, 2021, 1:11 PM GMT+0

With every other brand overwhelming customers with emails, marketers can actually cut through the clutter with SMS.

To establish an effective SMS communication campaign, focus on building the subscriber list. Begin by capturing customer information at every opt-in touchpoint, like website chats, online sign-up pages and reviews. Leverage the brand’s existing marketing channels like email lists and social posts with URLs and QR codes to reach customers via SMS.

Apart from online channels, utilise the customer’s in-store journey to capture opt-ins. For instance, set up sign-up stations to add to SMS subscriber lists. Additionally, give customers good reasons, like VIP status, to join the SMS list.

Use text messages to inform customers about holiday season special offers and upcoming sales. SMS messaging can also be used to send customers purchase links to collect payment through an SMS campaign.

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