Incremental testing lets data marketers measure, track growth marketing efforts

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December 01, 2021, 3:06 AM GMT+0

Use scalar-based attribution to account for resultant data loss from updates like Apple’s iOS14 SKAD timer.

With companies like Apple drafting privacy policies to comply with regulations like California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), marketers need to find solutions that are more privacy-centric and less data-rich. For data marketers to execute successful growth marketing campaigns, they need to downgrade from user-level data, as 79% of users aren’t willing to share data with ad platforms, according to Statista.

Instead of relying on data, marketers can run incremental tests to track and measure campaign goals from a particular marketing initiative that affects consumer behaviour. For example, a Facebook campaign could help brands boost conversion rates. Scalar-based attribution, in which the metrics of a channel's growth medium are driven by testing or historical data, can also help marketers enhance growth marketing.

This testing approach informs scalars using historical data or data sources that haven't been affected yet, resulting in more accurate attribution metrics. While “degradation of data” impacted growth marketing, marketers can implement incrementality tests and scalars, and other tactics to drive growth marketing and validate marketing spending.

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