Brands must analyse why, how and where their customers conduct online searches

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December 06, 2021, 2:20 PM GMT+0

Marketers must determine why their target audience search for specific things online to deliver answers and solutions that perfectly match their search intent.

Brands should evaluate their customer's queries to find their brand content and how customers' search keywords differ from time to time. Brands must understand their customer behaviour and optimise accordingly.  If consumers predominantly use mobiles for search, marketers must optimise website pages for mobile phone viewing.

Similarly, brands must understand the types of results appearing on the SERP for specific queries. For instance, businesses can offer listicles if the content type drives the most traffic for the questions being targeted.

While real-time insights may not enable brands to change their content right away, they help brands offer personalised and helpful content. AI-enabled SEO technology can, in fact, help brands review site analytics and show customers what they exactly need.

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