Game mechanics are not driving long-term learning behaviour among B2B sales pros

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December 06, 2021, 2:01 PM GMT+0

Forrester studies show that while gamification is driving occasional, short-term selling behaviours among B2B sales professionals, it has had limited long-term success.

For years, B2B sales leaders have used money, tropical destinations and other perks to motivate their members to show new, desirable, short-term behaviour via sales contests. Studies show that although gamification elements are effective as occasional motivators for driving sales, they do not inspire long-term learning behaviour.

Forrester’s research found the choice of gamification as a preferred learning modality ranks near or at the bottom of all options. In a recent 2021 study, only 4% of enablement leaders deployed game mechanics to support learning and development activities. In fact, 77% deployed “self-paced – formal e-learning, video observation, reading, sales aides, etc.”

Business leaders must consider insights, planning, hard work, and analysis beyond game mechanics to drive new B2B sales force competencies effectively. Leveraging this strategy can help business leaders build and sustain a culture of ongoing learning and development excellence.

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