Create diverse marketing strategies, rethink KPIs to brace for privacy update impact

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December 07, 2021, 2:08 PM GMT+0

Brands need to shift their focus on KPIs and supporting metrics that actually matter to their business. 

Marketers can rely on AI-powered targeting solutions to find patterns and correlations to engage audiences from a data-driven perspective. The key to navigating the new privacy landscape is agility. Brands must be open to cross-channel budget fluidity. 

Creating diverse and flexible marketing strategies can help brands adapt to the evolving privacy scenario. Similarly, marketers should focus on metrics that impact the bottom line instead of metrics now rendered unreliable due to privacy updates, including open rates and return on ad spend. 

Similarly, brand messages must resonate with consumers and encourage them to submit personal information. Marketers must test strategies that work well with target audiences and use value exchange tools like loyalty programmes and monthly newsletters. 

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