Experiment with filters, colour and motion to boost social media engagement

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December 07, 2021, 4:45 PM GMT+0

Social media accounts should use brand content to narrate a coherent brand story for users.

Brands must use their social media content to offer behind-the-curtain glimpses and establish authenticity. Similarly, brands can string multiple photos in a linear story and provide recaps of an event, introduce the team or explain a particular process.

In order to make the content more engaging, marketers can also add unexpected colours to throw viewers off and grab their attention. This is particularly helpful in capturing users’ attention while they infinitely scroll through their feed.

Brands can further exploit the human tendency to focus on movement by adding motion to a still social media post.

Overall, businesses must ensure they maintain consistency through their content. This consistency must be maintained while posting stuff on social media and sticking to a specific tone or filters to the brand posts.

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