Interact with viewers via comments to boost YouTube Community engagement

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December 07, 2021, 11:41 AM GMT+0

YouTube community is transparent since the platform displays a like-to-dislike ratio on videos unless turned off manually.

Brands looking to engage with their target audience on YouTube should develop a YouTube community management strategy. To manage the YouTube community, reply to viewers’ comments, solicit feedback, and build relationships while retaining a brand voice by asking subscribers and viewers questions about the posted material.

Given the number of comments and interactions on YouTube video signal engagement efforts, brands must engage in conversations with their community in the comments section. Respond to comments after discussion, acknowledge the viewers' questions, and offer personalised responses for important issues to have meaningful conversations with the viewers. Use pinned comments to steer the discussions to valuable, favourable, and important topics, like a product launch.

Examine the comments section to incorporate feedback from previous videos, Q&As, and live streams into the new video content. Setting expectations right from the start, and publishing and promoting videos across various social networks can help brands drive views. Further, leverage the community tab on YouTube to announce recent or upcoming videos, source user-generated content, and more.

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