Ensure images used in branded emails are optimised for screen readers

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December 08, 2021, 12:57 PM GMT+0

Brands must add alt text to each image used in their emails to make their emails accessible for visually impaired audiences.

Since visually impaired audiences use screen readers, brands must add concise yet unique and informative alt text to images describing their content for readers. Similarly, links and buttons should feature descriptive text that clearly defines the end destination of the link.

To ensure the images used in branded emails load quickly, marketers must use images of sizes between 600 and 800 kb. Marketers can also retain the image quality by ensuring the original image is at least twice the size of the area it would be displayed in the email.

Emails must maintain an 80%-20% balance between text and images. Additionally, marketers must align images with branding to make the brand recognisable, memorable and relatable.

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