Publish podcasts on culturally relevant topics to reach more listeners

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December 08, 2021, 4:46 PM GMT+0

Draft unique podcast names to stand out among competitors and create trailers to attract listeners.

Companies looking to incorporate podcasts into the marketing mix should ensure their podcasting marketing strategy is aligned with their business goals. Focus on metrics like downloads to grow the consumer base and optimise engagement rates, and conduct follow-up research to transform the brand perception.

Creating podcasts that are part of larger discussions and are culturally relevant may help gain more followers. Podcast host and educator Will Francis advocates using audience research tools like Buzzsomo to close the gap between audiences’ content needs and marketing efforts.

Advertise on platforms like Spotify and Instagram, and promote podcasts on groups like r/PodcastGuestExchange on Reddit to connect with listeners on their preferred platforms. Answer questions on Quora and collaborate with third-party endorsers to boost podcast listenership.

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