Twitter rolls out a new reporting feature in the US

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December 10, 2021, 5:15 PM GMT+0

The new reporting feature aims to refocus on user experience when reporting a tweet.

Twitter is testing a new approach to reporting called "symptoms first" with a small group of users in the US. The goal of the new feature is to simply ask users what happened, instead of putting the burden of proof on them, to determine if a violation has occurred.

Most reports come after someone has seen something disturbing, and in many situations, the reported tweets are not in violation. The large number of people reporting fall inside a much bigger grey spectrum that don't match the specific requirements, explains Twitter's Renna Al-Yassini.

After users describe what happened, Twitter will populate its "terms of services" and ask the users if it matches their description. Users who disagree will help Twitter close gaps in its reporting system.

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