Express gratitude when announcing brand achievements

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December 13, 2021, 3:01 PM GMT+0

By expressing gratitude for an achievement, brands can avoid sounding self-promotional.

Not only do the brand's achievements and accolades establish credibility, but they also build social proof for prospects. But in order to avoid looking like the brand is just bragging about itself, marketers can consider expressing gratitude while announcing their achievement to audiences.

For instance, if the brand has won a prize, the brand can thank the organisation for awarding the prize. The social media post can begin with "We're so grateful to" or "Thank you for voting us" and then slide in details of the achievement.

Marketers can extend the gratitude approach to sharing an achievement by thanking customers for their loyalty or a donation they might have made. Brands can also use the opportunity to bring their team or employees to the forefront and thank them. This helps makes the brand more likeable. 

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