Create content clusters with a main topic for successful SEO efforts

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December 14, 2021, 2:16 AM GMT+0

Invest in content resources to produce quality content that addresses user problems to optimise SEO.

An SEO strategy may be failing if it doesn’t drive traffic or boost conversions. Marketers need to evaluate their existing SEO tactics to identify the factors hampering their SEO efforts. Writing articles without content clusters, wherein copies are grouped based on their similarity to a specific topic, may have a detrimental effect on SEO.

Content clusters drive traffic to the pillar post from different relevant articles, allowing brands to rank for more keywords and boost the site’s search ranking. Creating subpar content leads to a negative user experience and higher bounce rates, as people abandon the site owing to a lack of answers. As a result, the website will appear lower in the search results.

Rather than using general CTA’s like “Sign up”, brands must create CTAs that convey value and rank for similar keywords. Businesses must invest in a range of platforms and channels to determine the best-performing platforms for driving conversions, traffic, and improving the search ranking. It's best to be patient and give the SEO strategy at least a few months to work.

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