Offer new and curated products to retain customers and spur repeat purchases

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December 14, 2021, 12:01 PM GMT+0

When customers stay with a brand for more than 31 months, they can spend up to 67% more on the brand’s products.

One way brands can retain existing customers long enough to record repeat purchases is by delivering personalised offers. Brands must curate products based on customer preferences and cut the customers’ browsing time.

Marketers must ensure they vary their product offering and make customers revisit the brand for something new. Brands can send personalised emails, not just to offer curated products but to simply thank the recipients for their time and trust in the brand.

Businesses can also offer loyalty programmes to provide free vouchers or products.  Similarly, prompt responses from the customer support team and solutions like live chat can streamline the purchase process and improve CX.

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