Reintroduce human beings in the digitally transformed buying journey

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December 14, 2021, 1:37 PM GMT+0

Bringing employees into the purchase journey helps customers make informed decisions and boost conversions for the brand.

While the whole idea behind digital transformation is to use data and technology to become customer-centric, the process prioritises traffic generation and conversions. Instead, brands must use the transformation process to re-establish a genuine connection with customers.

Forging a personal connection can help brands bring customers back into the purchasing process. But establishing such customer relationships goes beyond simply having a brand spokesperson or taking a stand on social issues. It involves creating a human, hands-on experience at the point of purchase.

Humanising the purchase process is crucial, given that customers can continue making wrong choices and miss opportunities owing to the massive volume of products in a marketplace. Brands need to empower their employees to share their knowledge about the products and their usage with customers.

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