What drives more offline and online engagement - Digital ads or paid social 

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December 14, 2021, 3:19 PM GMT+0

A recent study compared the dividends paid by social media on Facebook to digital advertising

An Engagement Labs report has revealed that digital display ads are more effective in driving people to share online and talk offline when compared to social ads on Facebook. The study, commissioned by G/O Media, chose advertising in the technology and beverage industries to compare audience response. 

Digital paid media like display, online video, mobile app and mobile web video contributed 15.8% to the average tech brand’s offline conversations. Paid social on Facebook contributed 3.3%. Online, digital claimed 8.3% and paid social, 1.9%.

As for the average beverage brand, digital contributed 9.6% of offline conversations instead of 2.4% from paid social. Online, digital contributed 8.3% while paid social, 1.7%. According to the study, digital ads enjoyed a higher estimated ROI than paid social for both offline and online, for both industries. 

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