Brands can use gated content to identify high-quality leads, segment audiences

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December 15, 2021, 10:47 AM GMT+0

Gated content is content that brands make available to users only if they provide specific details like name, position and organisation size.

Typically, brands gate content that they consider premium - such as templates, tools, subscriber-only emails, webinars and white papers. Brands must understand which stage of the customer journey their consumers are at. For instance, customers who actively seek information in the awareness stage may not want to be greeted by gated content.

But customers in the consideration or conversion stage, who are weighing options and ready to make purchases respectively, are more like to submit contact details in exchange for content.

With high-quality gated content, brands can encourage customers to sign up for the content. Brands can then differentiate prospects from casual visitors, segment audiences better and grow the brand mailing list. Quality content should be front and centre with any such initiative as underwhelming content ends up driving visitors.

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