Creating a landing page with a guided user experience improves sales

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December 16, 2021, 6:52 AM GMT+0

Offer-third party sign-on opportunities and easy-to-fill sign-on forms on landing pages to retain users.

When designing a landing page, marketers must offer users a guided experience, while still providing them with choices that drive conversions. To build a landing page that attracts prospects, craft compelling headlines with the right call-to-action, and ensure the product delivers on its promises.

Testing different landing page elements, campaigns, offers, and ideas is recommended to find the right fit and boost the performance metrics. Incorporate testimonials, reviews, and in-depth performance videos into the content mix of the landing page to win prospects’ confidence and build trust.

Placing non-intrusive pop-ups that enhances users’ browsing experience like exit-intent and discount pop-ups, can capture leads and increase conversions. Develop accessible landing pages with streamlined experiences and minimal disruptive elements to inform users’ purchasing decisions.

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