Mobile video streaming, CTV, digital audio set to become ad-favourites in 2022

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December 16, 2021, 4:39 PM GMT+0

Data from Integral Ad Science reveals that 86% of the US digital media experts see mobile video streaming as a key opportunity in 2022.

The threat of ad fraud also looms large over mobile campaigns, with 77% of respondents seeing ad fraud as a concern across mobile environments. The survey also records that 60% of respondents see decreasing consumer trust as a significant factor in adjusting ad spend next year.

Another 56% of experts are likely to adjust social media ad spend because of inadequate media quality metrics. The number in 2021 stood at 59%. 82% of respondents will shift from linear TV to digital video alternatives.

46% of experts say that CTV and digital video are the most promising channels for innovation next year. Similarly, 75% of respondents plan to increase investment in digital audio to respond to rising audio streaming demand.

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