Consumers want influencers to offer how-to-content, and a sneak peek into their lives

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December 17, 2021, 4:23 PM GMT+0

Instagram is popular with both GenZ and marketers: The former find influencers authentic, and the latter prefer engaging with influencers on the platform.

When it comes to influencer content, consumers value reviews the most, followed by how-to-content. Just under a quarter of people (23.56%) want insights into the influencers’ personal life.

More than a quarter (27.12%) of users judge influencers to be authentic when they directly interact with them. But, using stereotypically influencer phrases does make some people (14.33%) wary of influencers. Too many sponsored posts also erode audience trust in the influencer.

Influencers make 77% of their income with brand deals. This is followed by affiliate deals and ad share revenue, making up for less than 10% of influencers’ income. As far as marketers are concerned, 74% of them prefer engaging with influencers on Instagram, followed by Facebook (73%) and YouTube (68%).

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