Consumers are fatigued of many repetitive ads on social networks

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December 20, 2021, 12:38 PM GMT+0

Brands face challenges like limited reach of ads on social media, as owing to algorithm changes, ads are served based on relevance.

According to Statista, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram have the highest number of monthly active users (MAUs) as more corporations are using social media ads to target customers. With the social media ad industry seeing about $48 billion in total spend, many small and medium businesses are using social media as their primary advertising channel.

However, 74% of US consumers believe that ads on social media are far too many, as per SurveyMonkey's report. While the sheer number of ads are overwhelming social media users, 31% also reported searching social media before making a purchase.

Moreover, users of social media believe that advertisers are violating their privacy to serve personalised ads. According to Pew Research, the most popular social networks among US consumers are Facebook (69%), Instagram (40%), and LinkedIn (28%). P&G's "Distance Dance" and Starbucks UK's "What's Your Name" ad campaigns are among the two recent successful social media marketing advertising campaigns.

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