IAB Tech Lab's Seller-Defined Audience: is it the key to the post-cookie world?

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December 21, 2021, 5:03 PM GMT+0

The seller-Defined audience is a set of approaches that aim to fix addressability in the cookie-less world.

With the demise of third-party cookies, the ad tech industry is facing an identity crisis. The challenges for publishers on the open web are more extensive than walled gardens publishers – they do not have the luxury of signed-in users. While universal identifiers are among the many emerging solutions for the cookie-less world, their effectiveness is yet to be verified.

IAB Tech Lab's newly launched Seller-Defined Audience aims to address these challenges by securely scaling the monetisation of first-party data via the open web in a privacy-friendly way. IAB proposes that publishers should be able to label their audience and transmit those labels to the bidders. These labels can define the audience segments across demographics, interest and purchase intent attributes. The labels can also send contextual signals to bidders.

According to IAB Tech Lab's Benjamin Dick, "This specification establishes an effescalablealeable, and privacy-forward approach to help publishers monetise and freely compete with each other based on the underlying quality of their audiences." Dick contends that they can do this without having to worry about data leakage or setting up hundreds of Deal ID-based private marketplaces."

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