Leverage lead magnets in emails to attract newsletter subscribers

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December 21, 2021, 2:50 AM GMT+0

Quizzes and informational content can help pursue readers to sign-up.

Incorporating digital marketing strategies into email campaigns can help brands grow their email list and the number of subscribers for their newsletters. Place Instagram’s Link Stickers with the brand’s newsletter URL on Stories to reach out and attract followers to boost subscribers.

Launching affiliate programs and collaborating with other businesses via podcasts, blogs, and cross-promoting email lists can drive subscribers for newsletters. Upgrade existing blogs and articles with new and informational content and encourage readers to sign up for newsletters to expand the emailing list.

Companies can also use lead magnets like freebies, discounts, templates and more to entice readers and increase subscribers. Offering upgraded content to Facebook followers via the Lead Ad feature can help marketers convince more people to sign up for newsletters without disrupting their browsing experience.

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