A professional domain name can help brands reduce email bounce rates

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December 21, 2021, 9:10 AM GMT+0

Segment email lists by demographics and location, and maintain an emailing schedule to lower bounce rates.

Decreasing email bounce back rates is imperative since high bounce rates could result in flagging the brand’s IP address as spam. Set up a professional domain before launching an email campaign instead of using a free sender domain.

Avoid using words like “Amazing”, optimise emails for mobile, craft accurate subject lines, and more to prevent emails from being sent to the spam folder. Implementing a double opt-in method with a confirmation email ensures the recipients are active and have consented to receiving the newsletters.

A/B testing messages with incentives like discounts can help marketers gather insights into the best-performing emails and boost open rates. Marketers must clean up unresponsive emails to maintain a list of accounts that are active and engaged.

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