Easy ways to optimise branded YouTube channels for conversions

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December 22, 2021, 5:11 PM GMT+0

This piece shares tips marketers can use to optimise their YouTube channel for conversions.

To get high-quality leads and conversions, marketers must optimise their YouTube channel by updating its "About tab". Along with streamlining the branding in the YouTube profile, creating a consistent yet eye-catching look for video thumbnails can help marketers increase the click-through rate. Marketers can achieve this by combining visuals from the video with simple text overlays that act as a hook to draw viewers attention immediately.

While adding a channel trailer or featured video options are optional, each of these can help attract and convert prospects at different stages of the buyer journey. Channel trailers – short videos that introduce the brand or longer tutorials about the brand – automatically play for new prospects that have not subscribed to the channel. Similarly, featured videos automatically play for subscribers that have not already viewed the content.

Leveraging channel trailers and featured videos can help marketers reach audiences beyond their subscriber list. But, marketers must align their YouTube video content with their marketing funnel and create content for each stage. Further, engage with viewers via live content, nurture prospects with playlists and guide viewers with relevant and compelling CTAs.

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