Gender-neutral, non-discriminatory, and unbiased content can convey inclusivity

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December 22, 2021, 2:53 AM GMT+0

More than 50% of consumers prefer buying from brands that value diversity and inclusion, as per Zendesk.

Brands can grow their business and reach more prospects by creating inclusive content that appeals to a diverse range of audiences. Review existing marketing and content strategy to identify any missing personas or audiences and bridge the gap to craft inclusive content.

Assessing language, imagery and more can help marketers write for broader audiences. Develop a website with features like screen readers, alt text for images, and visual aids to make it accessible to many people. Brands must ensure the website is compatible across browsers.

Writing content using gender-neutral, non-discriminatory, and unbiased language, as well as including diverse pictures of people is recommended. Use short, simple sentences with many subheadings and bullet points, and minimise the use of jargon or abbreviations to create inclusive content.

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