A strong brand-publisher relationship is key to a privacy-focused world

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December 22, 2021, 5:25 PM GMT+0

With consumers increasingly becoming concerned about their data usage, the industry must build an ecosystem that provides consumers with more transparency and control.

As of last April, 78.1% of respondents said they believe the loss of third-party cookies will positively impact their advertising strategy. As a result, brands and publishers are already exploring addressable solutions rooted in people-based identity, which provide more accurate and detailed information on customer profiles.

A US-based publisher found it could better plan and execute advertisers’ marketing campaigns by leveraging solutions that enable publishers and brands to connect or collaborate without cookies or compromising data. Another study found that when asked if a brand would benefit from a closer relationship with their key target publishers, 84.9% of respondents said, “Yes”.

The author suggests that publishers must continue building trust with their audiences by clearly communicating the value exchange when a consumer comes to their site for a particular experience or in search of content to build a direct relationship with brands. Publishers can achieve this by creating authentication events like logging in or signing up for gated content.

Publishers should further tailor experiences to individual consumers sharing their data in return for value. In 2022, publishers should leverage privacy-first, first-party authentications to take control of the ad buying process and build more profitable collaborations while reminding brands about the value exchange.

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