American employees find their companies’ listening capabilities are inadequate

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December 23, 2021, 1:16 AM GMT+0

Non-management and female employees believe they aren't being listened to by their management, according to a survey of 300 US employees.

US organisations could improve in many areas, including employee perceptions of not being listened to and obstacles like lack of training in assessing data from employee listening. Employees want to know that their input is valued, even if it is merely an acknowledgement.

Employees are reluctant to express their concerns about a fault, problem, concern, or an impending issue. This apprehension stemmed from the belief that management does not listen to "complaints" and that executives are not interested in listening to people.

The discouraging climate spurred an environment of silence and the fear of expressing one's views, leading to further silence. Moreover, the management evaluated their organisation's competence in collecting critiques, concerns, and dissent far greater than their employees.

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