Match speaker's personality with the event type to nominate for public speaking

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December 23, 2021, 1:40 AM GMT+0

Consider factors like in-person travel and diversity requirements, while nominating a spokesperson.

Companies looking to nominate candidates for public speaking should be clear on their PR objectives and pick a speaker who reflects the company's credibility. While CEOs would be ideal for public speaking, brands must ensure the nominated candidate’s title is in line with other speakers at the event.

Select a speaker across diverse backgrounds and gender and match their personality with the event format. A keynote, for example, has great production value and is ideal for C-suite, whereas a fireside chat can accommodate personnel with quieter personalities.

Highlight event details, unique outlooks, ideas, and trends to pick a speaker who can best address those topics. Those interested in applying for public speaking should proofread and edit their applications before sending them to the conference organisers.

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