Publishers must take the plunge and make first-party operations their default option

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December 23, 2021, 7:31 AM GMT+0

Around 90% of marketers in the United Kingdom had no established solution for managing the loss of third-party cookies earlier this year.

While a majority of British marketers do not have a solid plan for combating the third-party cookie, most do recognise the opportunity that a new first-party based ecosystem presents. The rising popularity of cookie-less browsers like Safari points to establishing a system where the possibilities of buying first-party and third-party impressions are on equal ground. 

While publishers have made first-party advertising a viable option by significantly increasing availability, some work is needed on the buy-side. One of the significant external challenges in achieving viability is the lack of support for passing first-party IDs from major supply-side platforms (SSP), including Google SSP. Another critical challenge is for publishers to gain buy-side confidence and participation. To overcome these challenges, publishers should involve a blend of buy-side education and willingness to push their efforts further.

The author contends sellers have sustained their determination to make first-party IDs usable and demonstrate their possibilities. To get brands and marketers on board now, publishers must highlight the importance of underlying opportunities of first-party IDs and proactively play their role in enabling the move to first-party operations as a standard before fully stepping into the cookie-less world.

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