Use traffic analysis tool to gain marketing insights into competitors web pages

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December 23, 2021, 2:32 PM GMT+0

Evaluate lead-generating pages using tools like Top Pages to design and launch effective campaigns.

Assessing competitors’ top web pages could provide brands with valuable insights that inform marketing decisions. Analyse best-selling, moderately-selling, and low-selling products of competitors to learn from their mistakes and devise successful strategies to boost marketing efforts.

Use a traffic analysis tool to evaluate unique page visits, traffic from search results, social media, and more, to know the number of consumers competitors’ have. Examine the type of content competitors are publishing on their blogs and media to yield SEO data to inform content decisions.

Brands must grasp the topics of interest in the competitor’s marketing campaigns, like classifying certain URLs or trends division. To expand, analyse the top-performing pages of competitors in a certain area or region to learn about local consumers' content preferences.

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