Assess all possible resolutions before responding to a lawsuit as a brand

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December 24, 2021, 9:54 AM GMT+0

Avoid contacting the plaintiff without an attorney, as everything spoken in the course of a lawsuit can be used against the defendant in court.

Lawsuits could be costly and emotionally draining, and brands that are sued must seek PR and legal strategies to mitigate the damage. Hiring a business litigation defence attorney on retainer with expertise in cases like defective product can help brands defend themselves towards any untoward allegation.

Clearly communicate all the information about the lawsuit and review all the data pertaining to the case like emails, and more with the attorney. Notify the insurance providers about the litigation to determine if the insurance policy can cover costs like attorney's fees and court expenses.

Before drafting a written response to a lawsuit, consider all of the potential liability and exposure the brand may face, as well as possible resolutions. As directed by the attorney, have the PR team acknowledge and express the brand's stance on the matter, state the facts, and respectfully refute any misconceptions. Delegating a spokesperson on the case can help brands build sympathy and make it more relevant and personal for their consumers.

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