Use virtual billboards, focus on visual search to spur Metaverse engagement

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December 28, 2021, 1:30 AM GMT+0

With 677,000 Google search results, more than 60,000 Instagram posts, and 500 Twitter posts per hour, Metaverse is increasingly becoming popular among brands as well as consumers.

Marking a presence on Metaverse is useful, particularly for targeting Gen Z and Millennials, who are already using some forms of Metaverse, like virtual reality. Brands can display ads on virtual billboards on the platform. They should take the advantage of the platform’s interactive and engaging nature, and deliver an immersive experience for their customers.

Marketers can also offer limited edition assets exclusively in the virtual space. Along with branded content, brands can leverage user-generated content to influence their community members and create better UX for their customers.

As Metaverse provides immense opportunities for experimenting, some companies are already introducing pop-up events and branded installations in Metaverse to boost user interaction and brand loyalty. But, marketers must ensure they use relevant keywords, focus on visual search capabilities and integrate social media with Metaverse to widen their reach.

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