Audit existing content to identify what implicit messages a brand is sending

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December 30, 2021, 2:15 AM GMT+0

Have a solid understanding of the content to ensure it remains consistent.

A tone is an implicit emotional message sent by a brand to its audience. A brand’s tone in writing can be formal or informal, humorous or serious, enthusiastic or matter-of-fact, and respectful or irreverent.

When choosing a tone for a business, collect data such as demographic info, consumer’s buying or decision making behaviour, the communication channels they prefer and more. Crystallize into words what the brand stands for, what sets it apart from others in the market and what is the value it brings to customers.

To evaluate whether existing brand content carries the right tone, consider conducting a content audit. It helps identify what implicit messages the company is sending, the most impactful tones, and how close the existing content library is to the ideal tone.   

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