Small businesses must make reasonable promises and live up to them

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December 30, 2021, 12:21 AM GMT+0

For small businesses to connect with their audiences and build credibility, it is crucial that they live up to the promises they make.

If living up to those promises proves challenging, it is better for businesses to not make any promises at all. This is important since customers are more likely to trust brands that are completely honest with them.

Brands must focus on offering their audiences relevant, useful and valuable content. But most importantly, the brand’s content must narrate a certain story. Businesses can narrate their brand story to make the brand more relatable for customers. It can help businesses highlight the human side of the brand.

Small businesses can also consider guest posting on reputable platforms to share their own knowledge and engage their audiences. UGC, reviews, and testimonials can also prove useful for businesses seeking to build trust among their consumers.

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