B2B marketers must keep their messages simple, light-hearted, conversational

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January 03, 2022, 3:21 PM GMT+0

Simplicity is the key to a genuine, solid and convincing brand voice that B2B marketers need to connect with their target audience.

About 76% of consumers are more likely to recommend brands that deliver simple experiences. To deliver simple experiences, brands must avoid using jargon and ensure easy-to-understand messages.

Maintaining a light-hearted, conversational tone in branded messages can help marketers portray the brand's human side and stand out among competitors. Given that humour is one of the top drivers of advertising response rates, B2B marketers must also include humour in their messaging. Along with highlighting the brand's human side, businesses must also demonstrate their authority and expertise to their prospects.

Instead of talking to customers, B2B companies should consider engaging with customers. by talking to them. They should further share insightful knowledge to win customers and consistently harness a brand voice that consumers are likely to trust.

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