Smart TVs embedded with ACR can improve ad targeting if consumers opt-in

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January 03, 2022, 5:30 PM GMT+0

Automatic content recognition (ACR) tech lets advertisers target and personalise ads by measuring TV viewership and ad performance.

ACR allows companies like LG, Roku, and more collect TV viewership data. Through this, brands will be able to listen to and/or see what's playing on screen owing to the ACR tech embedded into smart TVs.

The ACR technology is either audio or video-based, and it works by capturing an audio or visual signal from smart TVs, like frames or snippets. It then compares it to a library of audio and visual signals from shows, movies, and adverts to identify a match.

The content should be categorised in the reference library utilised by the ACR tech to match the audio or visual signal when it is being broadcast on television. However, the ACR tech in smart TVs needs consumers to opt-in.

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