Extensive knowledge of consumers boosts marketing's authority within a business

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January 04, 2022, 1:18 AM GMT+0

As companies turned towards marketing amid COVID-19, marketers converted customer data into business intelligence.

Using the knowledge of consumer behaviour, conversations, and insights obtained from campaigns, and developing exceptional consumer experiences, marketing leaders can boost marketing's authority. The insights derived from marketing can help brands inform strategic planning, enable digital transformation, and develop new products.

Marketers are ideally positioned to gather, evaluate, analyse, and act on customer insights says Michael McGuire, marketing vice president at Gartner. In addition to being consumer experts, marketers need to be skilled in experience delivery or operations to build profitable, long-term consumer connections.

Integrating martech tools across processes, partnerships and testing new operating models can help marketers boost operational efficiency and implement agile frameworks. Marketing's position of authority, however, should be governed by and be compliant with privacy policies and legislations.

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