Marketers must leverage new technology to create unique CX for audiences

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January 04, 2022, 12:24 AM GMT+0

Technologies like AI, machine learning, and virtual reality can help brands reach out and engage with customers in exciting ways.

While looking to connect with audiences in newer and more effective ways, marketers must focus on making customer interactions frictionless. Brands can achieve this by making media touchpoints shoppable and enabling users to purchase through every display, video, social and influencer post, and streaming ad.

In order to create a unique CX for audiences, brands can even consider experimenting with Metaverse, cryptocurrency, or creating a native NFT blockchain community. Similarly, AI and machine learning capabilities can help marketers get access to diverse messaging options, such as text, images, podcasts, and AR/VR in-the-moment connections.

But most importantly, marketers must prioritise obtaining user permission, ensuring transparency with customers and focusing on data privacy. By doing so, brands can efficiently use zero-party data to further enhance CX.

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