Marketers need to rethink identity solutions to craft conscious messaging

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January 04, 2022, 11:56 AM GMT+0

Conscious marketing helps create warm, targeted, and cost-saving marketing campaigns.

As third-party cookies get phased out, marketers need to rethink identity solutions to deliver conscious marketing. Marketers can develop insightful messages, protect privacy, and offer rich and satisfying ad experiences by using tech like AI to analyse and react to data and insights in real-time.

Future identity solutions that combine conscious marketing and accountability should offer respectful, inclusive, relevant, timely, and engaging messages with actual people. Rather than collecting all available data, businesses should collect data that is required to provide a bespoke experience.

Using de-bias data sets, being privacy-conscious, and creating non-repetitive and fresh content can help brands avoid creating outdated, offensive, and alienating messages. Free content and improved consumer experiences could be at risk, as more walled gardens appear, and publishers switch to subscription-based models.

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