Publishers expect significant revenue growth this new year: Research

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January 04, 2022, 5:44 PM GMT+0

Digiday surveyed 120 publishers about their organisation's financial health in 2021 and expectations for 2022.

The study found that while three-quarters of publishers reported year-over-year increases in annual revenue in 2021 compared to 2020, more than half reported double-digit gains. More than a quarter of publishers also said their organisations' revenues increased by more than 25%.

Though 2021 did not unfold as expected, publishers observed noticeable growth. They also remain highly optimistic about the new year. More than 80% of publishers expect an increase in their annual revenue in 2022.

More than one-fifth of respondents expect revenue to increase by more than 25%. Even over 40% of the two dozen respondents who reported their flat or declining revenues in 2021 said they expect their revenue to grow by double digits in 2022. The research surveyed multiple organisations - ranging from large companies earning more than $50 million to small firms making up to $10 million.

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