Evaluate brand positioning and perception to attain goals

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January 05, 2022, 2:04 AM GMT+0

Analysing a brand’s positioning could help companies determine if they are on the right track.

External influences like the market and competition have always been present, but the pandemic has bought in new complex challenges and uncertainties. Companies wanting to improve their brand and invest in resources in the coming year must first assess where they stand currently.

Businesses must factor in guiding posts like “brand spark” to identify the one thing they are good at, this could either be “service”, “helping” or more. When it comes to brand perception, companies should evaluate common ground between the staff and consumers.

Once brands figure a starting point, assessing future brand positioning and perception among consumers, employees, and other stakeholders is recommended. Organisations can then implement changes in work, communication, and more to get on the right track, from the insights.

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