Organisations must pay more attention to cybersecurity

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January 05, 2022, 3:22 PM GMT+0

A 2021 KPMG study found 59% of organisations are “somewhat confident” in their cybersecurity while around 39% say they are “very confident”.

Too much confidence in cybersecurity can be damaging organisations looking to secure their data. A few years ago, a survey found that Americans tend to be overconfident about cybersecurity knowledge. So, companies must focus on security validation and testing. Testing can help significantly reduce weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

Though automated and AI-driven defences have significantly improved cybersecurity over the years, brands must avoid becoming overconfident in their data protection. They can also consider collaborating with security experts to tackle potential security threats along with security validation effectively.

With work-from-arrangements and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) work setups becoming more prevalent, the risk of cyber-threats is higher than ever. A study found mobile devices can be sources of malware and can be used as a physical access attack vector. To address these threats, companies must provide adequate cybersecurity training to all employees and evaluate the devices connected to the organisation network.

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