Live CTV must adapt to live events' complexities to boost viewership

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January 06, 2022, 12:46 PM GMT+0

Brands need to execute smooth ad campaigns for an unpredictable live CTV audience.

Because live TV environments are valuable, media companies typically only sell them through exclusive channels. This limits publishers’ revenue and reduces the advertising prospects for brands. Live CTV advertising, however, could boost publishers’ revenue.

For live CTV to gain traction, it has to offer a diversified mix of ads across categories, as viewers expect a television-like experience from live CTV. Live CTV advertisers can combine programmatic and direct ad demands to offer viewers an interrupted sporting experience.

Moreover, with live audiences being hard to predict, brands should be able to lower the number of concurrent streams and be able to handle the flow of viewers to prevent outages. Adopting real-time troubleshooting and performance reporting can help advertisers optimise for live CTV.

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