Use emerging technology, measure multiple dimensions to humanise UX

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January 06, 2022, 5:08 PM GMT+0

Brands can use well-designed online experiences to replicate the sense of exploration and discovery that offline experiences offer.

Businesses responded to shifting customer behaviour during the pandemic by focusing on enhancing digital experiences. The task at hand now is to humanise those experiences. Immersive experiences and virtual reality setups via VR headsets are some of the ways businesses can enhance digital UX.

In order to hold on to existing customers, brand interactions must provide brand assets that create positive associations in the mind of the users. Such assets can range from brand founding stories to a unique voice or copy.

It is also essential that marketers go beyond surveys and look at multiple dimensions to measure success. For instance, brands must ask customers whether they associate a specific language or image to the brand or whether they feel the CX was customised to their needs.

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