Collect first-party data via analytics systems to offer tailored experiences

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January 07, 2022, 2:40 AM GMT+0

First-party data gathered from analytics systems can help marketers create relevant and timely messages as consumers' needs evolve.

As third-party cookies become obsolete, and because they are unable to adapt to changing buyers information, first-party data can help marketers better understand customers. Marketers can understand consumer behaviour and identify activations that are successful by collecting first-party data directly through the brand's app or individuals' purchasing history, using analytics tools.

This data helps marketers create more personalised and specific ads. Brands can learn about how cultural trends and macro-level events affect consumer behaviour and preference overtime by tracking first-party data from analytics systems.

However, to gain consumer trust, marketers must clearly describe how their data will be utilised to improve their experience. Communicating the safeguards in place to protect consumers’ data can further motivate them to share their personal information.

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