Host trips and events to collaborate with influencers without sponsorship

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January 07, 2022, 2:39 AM GMT+0

Let influencers borrow expensive or limited edition products to encourage product reviews.

Product or service gifting in exchange for social media publicity is a great way for brands to work with influencers, without the cost of sponsorships. Be friendly and relaxed about the terms in pitches to demonstrate an interest in building a long-term relationship, as influencers receive several pitches.

Provide free trips to a group of influencers at a time, enabling them to collaborate, create and post product reviews, as well as foster relationships. Host events with “Instagrammable" settings and meet with influencers to explain the product benefits, for better product reviews.

Collaborate with other non-competing brands to split the cost of hosting trips and events and attracting top influencers. Get media coverage through press releases, interviews, and more, and mention the influencer’s name in the media for cross-promotion.

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