Investing in the metaverse early on can let brands successfully capitalise on it

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January 07, 2022, 3:47 AM GMT+0

Marketers can improve the customer journey and connect with prospects in a more seamless and holistic way in the metaverse.

Companies that are experimenting with the metaverse concept will have a better chance of succeeding since they will have the first-mover advantage. Given that metaverse is a web of 3D gaming, platforms, VR worlds, and AR experiences, its ability to merge physical and digital worlds could transform digital marketing.

The metaverse offers an opportunity to develop rich, interactive, and immersive experiences for consumers fatigued by the static display and video ads across the web and social media. Brands can connect with audiences more innovatively and streamline purchases for consumers using the metaverse.

In addition, the metaverse could bolster user-generated content and encourage consumers to create content like virtual environments, avatars, and experiences with brands. Also, by directly portraying a wide set of audiences in brand experiences, metaverse can help marketers promote inclusivity and diversity. A fashion brand, for example, can allow all customers to try on their clothing in the virtual world. When the metaverse evolves, brands who adopt it first will be positioned to successfully capitalise it.

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