Customer surveys must target clear and well-defined objectives

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January 10, 2022, 6:02 AM GMT+0

With customer satisfaction surveys, brands can include consumers in the overall product/service making process and expand their market.

Before setting up a customer survey questionnaire, brands must set clear and fixed goals. If the survey features generic questions, brands may not get any actionable response or data. But, with specific questions, brands can generate insightful information that can used for numerous purposes from improving customer support experiences to benchmarking experience metrics and checking interest for new products.

Along with setting clear objectives, brands must determine how exactly they intend to analyse feedback. Marketers can analyse feedback using factors like price of the product or customer behaviour. Similarly, data can also be analysed based on geographical factors, like where the target audience lives.

Finally, surveys must be distributed in channels where the brand’s target audience is most active. Marketers can start with a simple text message and then proceed to email surveys and URL links.

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