Social listening tools can monitor consumer sentiments, boost marketing efforts

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January 10, 2022, 12:31 PM GMT+0

Include competitors’ brand name, slogans, products and more into social listening tools to evaluate competitors’ strategy.

By monitoring social platforms for brand mentions and conversations, social listening can provide insights into a brand's perception and personality. Companies can use social listening tools to collect data across platforms like social media, news channels and more to gather insights around brand discussions.

This data can help brands create marketing, product strategies and enhance marketing efforts. Marketers can use social listening tools to collect and assess metrics like the total number of mentions for relevant keywords, social mentions, non-social mentions, likes, reach, and more.

Analysing keywords from competitors and industry, as well as tracking positive and negative brand mentions can help marketers plan effective marketing campaigns. Businesses can also monitor consumer reviews across channels and influence prospects’ buying decisions using social listening tools.

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