Brands should leverage social media to build meaningful customer relationships

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January 11, 2022, 1:50 AM GMT+0

Instead of using social platforms only to promote the brand, marketers should leverage these channels to authentically connect with their prospects.

Creating meaningful relationships with audiences through social platforms can help brands boost the sales process. To create positive customer relationships, brands must respond to comments, encourage feedback, ask questions and engage users. Similarly, marketers must encourage and post user-generated content to build trust, boost brand exposure and make brand advocates out of customers.

Personal testimonials from other people can also help customers better relate with brands and affect brand perception. While posting content, marketers must ensure their content inspires and excites target audience. For this, brands must first understand what motivates their customers the most.

Given the consumer preference for frictionless shopping experiences, brands should focus on selling directly to customers. They can leverage in-app shopping features like shoppable ads, shoppable posts, and live shopping for more impulse buys.

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